Claudia leads our Zumba & our Strong by Zumba!

I was welcomed into the Zumba community at a local bootcamp. Once I got a taste of that mini class, I knew I needed to check it out even more.

At my first class, I became addicted. The music, the steps, the atmosphere, the people and their smiles lit up my heart.

I always had a passion for dancing, and having Latin roots, I grew up with mostly Latin music so it was already in my blood. But I never really knew how to bring it out or even how to share it with others. Thus sparked the idea of becoming a Zumba instructor. To be honest, it terrified me! The one time I was brought to the front for a song, I was nervous but after learning those steps, I loved it and always had a blast!

After much encouragement, and endless support from my Zumba instructors community, I decided to get my Zumba license.

Now I get to share my passion for dancing and my non-passion, sweating for fun!

I have no expectations other than to have a blast, and I hope you can join us!

Come dance with your heart out!